Digital Testbed Air Cargo

The Digital Testbed Air Cargo is a research project funded by the Federal Ministry of Digital and Transport (BMDV), which explores the basics for setting up and operating digital applications and solutions in air cargo. The aim is to make the air freight transport chain more efficient by improving networking between the actors and authorities and by digitally supporting individual process stages.


Project progress

Digital Solutions for Air freight

A neutral, cross-location development and testing of digital solutions/standards in air cargo is planned, together with various project partners from industry and academia.

For this purpose, solutions will be implemented, further developed and demonstrated within the framework of the Digital Testbed at various German airport locations. The results of the Digital Testbed will be processed transparently and made available to the entire industry as open-source solutions as far as possible.

Project goals

  • Establishing and developing a more effective networked transport infrastructure that also contributes to reducing emissions in the air freight transport chain
  • Strengthening German air cargo locations in the international competitive environment through a pioneering role in the development of digital air cargo standards
  • More efficient use of resources such as means of transport, space and equipment
  • Early detection of problems and bottlenecks through improved data availability
  • Saving fossil fuels through more efficient transports and shorter waiting times


Standardized Data exchange

between all players in the air freight transport chain and implementation of industry standards (ONE Record, eFTI).

Demonstration of Automation and Autonomation

in dispositive handling and transport processes of air cargo.

AI-supported Optimization and Forecasting applications

are being developed and tested to increase the efficiency of processes.


The development and demonstration of the overall project takes place at different locations / airports:

  • Hamburg
  • Cologne-Bonn
  • Leipzig-Halle
  • Frankfurt am Main
  • Munich
  • Düsseldorf
  • Stuttgart

Therefore, different requirements and aspects of use are considered, and a broad usability is ensured. In addition, further project locations will be integrated via a call for tenders.

The consortium partners cover all relevant participants in the air cargo process chain.

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